'Collective improvisation is a strong feature of Thelonious4. In those moments energy, playfulness and creativity are so much visible. (...) When musical structures fade, the band makes a very strong impression. (…) Apart from strong individual contributions to the music, Thelonious4 always put collective sound in the first place' (Armand van Wijck, innovative and trend setting Monk’s music can still be today. “Just like us, there are a number of groups in jazz that specialize on Monk. But still the music remains attractive to us. ' (Andreas Metzler-Interview in Thomas Domjahn, Südkurier)

'...This is a group that plays as an organic unit, but still has the refreshing idiosyncratic individualism that characterized Monk's music' (Jakob Baekgaard, All About Jazz)

'Melody and lyricism are strong features of saxophonist and composer Iman Spaargaren' (Jan Jasper Tamboer, het Parool 2013)

'By taking headstrong sidesteps these five musicians provide a musical journey full of discoveries for the listener' (Hessel Fluitman, Jazzflits 2013)